Primark is Leading Retail

Primark is Leading Retail in Explaining Sustainability at Point of Sale

Primark, the European based Fast Fashion retailer, has been carefully expanding their footprint in the U.S. for years. Now, they have clearly taken the lead in carefully explaining Sustainability to their customers at point of sale. Utilizing a dramatic graphic takeover of every department, Primark identifies products that utilize, sustainable cotton, organic cotton, recycled plastic and other materials. They also graphically discuss their supply chain, with references to their factories and sources, and point to their Primark Cares Sustainability Program on their website.

We recently completed a tour of virtually every major apparel retailer to compare how they look now that customers are back in stores. But also to benchmark how retailers and brands are communicating their commitments to Sustainability. These messages are well articulated on many retail and brand websites. But Primark has by far made the most significant commitment to messages at point of sale.