Welcome Elissa Bloom to the SGG and Associates Team
So pleased to welcome Elissa Bloom to the SGG and Associates team! Elissa is an award-winning business leader and a leading expert in fashion entrepreneurship and emerging fashion markets with over twenty years of corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit experience. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with our own Sustainability practice.
Splitting Macy’s E-Commerce and Stores
Splitting Macy’s E-Commerce and Stores… THIS.. IS.. NOT..A..GOOD..IDEA Macy’s is working hard to build back and earn loyalty with current and new customers. But, being forced to split their E-Commerce and Stores into separate businesses flies in the face of the proven, successful intersection of Digital and Physical shopping experiences. Follow us on LinkedIn to […]
Rebecca Minkoff’s Rental Subscription Model
Can I borrow your clothes? Just hit the “Borrow” button. Now, some brands are going beyond the Rental Subscription Model to allow customers to “Borrow”, not Buy or Rent. Read how this trend, pioneered by Rebecca Minkoff, is one of many strategies that enable Sustainable practices, while attracting a new customer at the same time. […]
Primark is Leading Retail
Primark is Leading Retail in Explaining Sustainability at Point of Sale Primark, the European based Fast Fashion retailer, has been carefully expanding their footprint in the U.S. for years. Now, they have clearly taken the lead in carefully explaining Sustainability to their customers at point of sale. Utilizing a dramatic graphic takeover of every department, […]